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WaveCare® is a comprehensive cruise travel insurance plan with enhanced medical and luggage benefits, cruise-ship disablement, and more.

It has unique feature: Cruise Disablement fixed coverage of $500. Pays a fixed benefit if you are confined to your cruise ship without one or more of the following: power, food, water, or restroom facilities for the time period listed in the policy (Minimum 5 hour Confined, subject to change, see actual policy).
Renewable Policy
Available for the trip cost per traveler up to $25,000. Unavailable for destination - Cuba, Iran, Russian Federation, Belarus. Unavailable for resident state of Arizona.
100% Trip Cost
150% Trip Cost
Cancel for any reason
180 days
$75,000 ($500 Dental)
Medical Deductible
Acute Onset of Pre-Ex
180 days
$500 (3 hours)
$1,000 (5 hours, $200/day)
$200 (24 hours)
Non-Medical Evacuation
Hazardous Sports
Amateur Sports
Common Carrier AD&D
$35,000 (100 Deductible)
Identity Theft

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The ideal family travel insurance plan with family-friendly pricing. ExactCare is comprehensive travel insurance that pays claims fast.  We offer coverage for medical emergencies (and pre-existing conditions, if you buy ExactCare within 15 days of your initial trip deposit), trip cancellation and delay, baggage delay and loss, medical evacuation, AD&D, and more. Our paperless “pic and a click” filing process lets us process claims five times faster than the industry average and we can pay claims in seconds with BHTP Burst, our exclusive multi-channel payment platform.  Need emergency travel assistance?  You can contact us 24/7/365 via Twitter, Facebook Messenger, web chat, text, email, and phone. 

ExactCare Value

BHTP’s most affordable, comprehensive travel insurance with the quick claims service you expect from BHTP. ExactCare also includes our industry-leading claims payment process with “pic and a click” filing for most claims leading to five times faster claims payments than the industry average. Need emergency travel assistance? You can contact us 24/7/365 via Twitter, Facebook Messenger, web chat, text, email, and more.



LuxuryCare® is a comprehensive travel insurance plan with Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection’s highest medical and medical evacuation benefits, trip cancellation for trips costing up to $100,000 per person, and more.

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