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Before You Go


To make sure that your claim will be processed quickly and you will be reimbursed, we have prepared a few suggestions:

Upon your return from your travels, you will have a designated window of time to file a claim for reimbursement for any covered expenses from you insurance provider. Your policy certificate will include specific information about the requirements and deadlines for your submission.

Many insurers will require that you provide a notice of claim within 30 days of the covered loss. Generally, this means that if you lost your luggage on December 1, your day window starts on December 1, even if your trip ends on December 12.

Once the insurer is put on notice of your claim, they will send you claim forms for your completion. This package or email will include instructions and a window within which the completed forms, together with any proof of loss, will have to be received by the insurer.  This is usually 15 day window.

Information about proof of loss and documentation follows in the section below.


In order to process reimbursement for any loss, your insurer will request documentation evidencing such loss and/or the expense incurred as a result.  In order to make this processes hassle-free for you as possible, we urge that you keep all receipts or other proof of purchase.

In the event of Trip Cancellation, you will likely be required to contact your travel supplier, or a claims administrator to report such cancellation.  See your policy certificate for details, as the contact information and instructions will vary across insurance providers.  Please note that if you do not contact the required resource within the requisite time frame your cancellation, your reimbursement may be limited accordingly.

In the event of lost baggage or theft or damage to your personal belongings, most insurance providers require that you report the loss to local police, a hotel manager or tour manager, as the case may be for your travel type.  In order to process your reimbursement, you will most likely be asked to submit a copy of the police statement or other written report. 

Reimbursement for medical expenses incurred during your trip will require that you obtain receipt from the providers, and will have to submit such receipts together with an incident report, including the diagnosis and treatment.

Some expenses must be approved prior to them being incurred, and some services may be required to be obtained through your insurance provider.  Please see your policy certificate prior to starting your travels for details.


Claims are generally paid once written proof is received.  Benefits will be paid directly to you, unless directed otherwise.  Some providers will allow you to assign the right to such benefits if you so wish.

Benefits for loss of life will be paid to the estate of the deceased.  In the event that there is no estate established, to the beneficiary of the deceased.