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We always welcome your feedback.  If you encounter a bug on our website, or if you have a suggestion that we decide to implement, you may receive $25.00 for your help in improving our customer experience.

If the website has a bug or glitch, and you are the first to report it via email, you will receive a check in the amount of $25.00 as a token of our appreciation for your time.

If you have an idea or suggestion about how we can improve your experience while visiting www.TravelInsuranceMaster.com, we will always take it under consideration.  If we decide to implement your idea or suggestion after your email it to us, you will receive a $25.00 check.

Please email us with any questions, ideas, or suggestions, at [email protected].

To maintain the integrity of this initiative, we will review your idea, suggestion or report, and get back to you by initially responding to your email within 7 (seven) business days.  Our final review process will take up to 30 days and will include confirming that you are the first to make such a suggestion or report such a problem, that that your input is not something that we were already aware of and/or working on internally, and that we are actually able to implement your idea based on current technology and contractual relationship with our suppliers and partners.