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Go Ready Cruise Plan by Aegis General

For individuals who are looking for a comprehensive Single-Trip plan, are traveling for more than 60 days and are worried about their pre-existing conditions.

Stress Less Benefits are included with this plan & allow our policyholders to often avoid going through a claims reimbursement process. Simply call, Skype, text, live chat, or email us when you encounter an insurable event while traveling, and we will coordinate and pay for your medical visit, flight change, hotel overnight, evacuation, or other service as covered by your policy.
Renewable Policy
Available for the length of travel up to 90d. Available for the trip cost per traveler up to $50,000. Unavailable for destination - Cuba, Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine, North Korea, Sudan, Myanmar, Russian Federation, Belarus. Unavailable for the trip cost starting from $200,001 Unavailable for destination - Palestine.
100% Trip cost
150% Trip cost
Financial Default
Cancel for work reasons
75% Trip Cost
Primary Medical
$100,000 ($750 Dental)
Medical Deductible
Acute Onset of Pre-Ex
$750 (3 hours)
$1,000 (6 hours, $250/day)
$2,500 (6 hours, $250/day)
$750 (24 hours)
Non-Medical Evacuation
Hazardous Sports
Amateur Sports
Common Carrier AD&D
Flight Only AD&D
$50,000 (100 Deductible)
Identity Theft

Other plans by GoReady by Aegis General

Go Ready Choice Plan by Aegis General

A robust travel insurance plan with optional benefits for Cancel For Any Reason, Cancellation for Work Reasons, Increased Medical & Evacuation Limits, Coverage for Sports & Business Equipment, & Much More!

Go Ready Pandemic Plus Plan by Aegis General

One of the industry’s only plans without an exclusion for pandemics, Primary Benefits, & an option to add Cancel For Any Reason (if purchased w/in 14 days of your first travel arrangements).
For Individuals who are looking for a comprehensive Single-Trip plan, have concerns about contracting COVID-19, or want to purchase Cancel For Any Reason coverage.

Go Ready Trip Cancellation Plan by Aegis General

A basic policy that covers the cancellation of a trip with additional upgrade options. Trip Cancellation covers 100% of your trip costs for situations such as sickness, injury, or death, weather & natural disasters, terrorism or strikes, military duty, job loss, stolen passports or visa, & much more.

This policy designed for individuals that are only concerned about protecting the monies they paid for their trip based on things like contracting COVID-19, weather or natural disasters, an uncertain employment situation, relatives with &/or your own unstable health, & terrorism. A separate Any Reason Cancellation upgrade can be purchased for those who are traveling with someone as part of a new relationship, may have an unexpected work conflict, have a relative expecting a newborn baby, or just want the peace of mind to be able to change their plans without losing their vacation investment.

Go Ready VIP Plan by Aegis General

A full suite of benefits & cancellation reasons including some coverage allowances up to $1,000,000 or 175% of trip cost. Optional upgrades include Cancel For Any Reason, Cancel For Work Reasons, Sports/Business Baggage, and Vehicle Damage.

For Individuals or families that only buy travel insurance 1 or 2 times a year, will be traveling for no more than 60 consecutive days, like the peace of mind of having higher coverage limits, are prone to medical issues or accidents, like being able to cancel plans for ANY reason (upgrade), &/or may be renting a car (upgrade)

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